Book Club FAQ

What is Book Club?

Book Club is a subscription box you can order for your preschool-age children. It includes an Usborne or Kane Miller book, 6 printed activities (most are also laminated unless it is something your child colors or cuts), 10 additional project ideas with instructions and a supply list, a one-week calendar to make this a fun unit study with your child, and a list of related recommended books.

Basically, it is a unit study in a box! Everything you need for a successful and fun week of learning with your child.

How Do We Sign Up?

We take Book Club orders just ONCE a month. You sign up by purchasing your subscription through our Etsy shop. We only take 40 new subscription orders/month. Once those 40 boxes are gone, we are then closed for the month.

We have 4 subscription options: 1 Year, 6-Month, 3-Month and 1-Month

12th of the Month: Open for 1-Year Subscriptions

(if there are any of the 40 left)

13th of the Month: Open for 6-Month Subscriptions

(if there are any of the 40 left)

14th of the Month: Open for 3-Month Subscriptions

(if there are any of the 40 left)

15th of the Month: Open for 1-Month Subscriptions

(there are usually 0-2/3 boxes left for 1 month)

Book Club Subscription Prices

1-Year $245 | 6-Month $135 | 3-Month $85 | 1-Month $30

Book Club FAQ

  • Do you offer just the PDF versions of the activities?
    • Yes, but only twice a year. Once on my birthday (April) and then again on Black Friday. Other than those two dates, the activities will remain special to the customers who purchase our Book Club Subscriptions. 
  • What if I already own the book?
    • We are more than happy to switch it out for another Usborne book of equal value. You will still get all of the activities, you would just get another book in your box instead.
  • Do you know which books you will be using in the future?
    • No. I choose the book club box book and theme each month based on what we are learning at home so I have more to share with you, new books released by Usborne, or common themes or seasons I see fellow homeschool families learning about.
  • Do we ship outside the US?
    • Not at this time.



Let’s Keep Playing School – Book List

The Let’s Keep Playing School : Early Elementary Literature Study is geared for ages 5-7. Each unit study is based off of one of these 15 amazing children’s books and filled with growth mindset, positive affirmation and projects to bring each of these books to life! Each unit ends with a writing project that you will complete with your child.

The Little House

The Word Collector

Extra Yarn


If I Built a House

Chicken in Space

Last Stop on Market Street

The Blossom Shoppe

Swatch: The Girl Who Loved Color

Hattie and Hudson

Ada Twist, Scientist

What Do You Do With a Problem

The Pink Umbrella

Randy Riley’s Really Big Hit

We’re All Wonders

Let’s Play School Preschool Curriculum – The Book List

Our Let’s Play School Preschool Curriculum is perfect for ages 3-4. We are currently working on an extension for the curriculum that will also make it work for 5 and 6 year olds as well. This way you can take your time with the units, do them as a family with younger siblings, or repeat them a few times. I chose this books because they had themes that I know this age group enjoys. When choosing books I looked at their illustrations as well as the character building qualities. I hope you and your family enjoy the books we have chosen for this curriculum!

Here is the order of the curriculum now that we have a calendar that families can follow along with. This calendar includes complete lesson plans for you and your family to use during the entire 2-week unit. You can also choose to do the book units in your own order, just know that the milestone goals that we are including with each unit would need to be adjusted.

Below you will find the book list with affiliate links. By purchasing books through these links you are helping contribute to the growth of our small business. Thank you!

(*you are not charged anything extra by using these links, the price for the books remains the same)



April Morning Basket | Morning PreK

How are we already here gearing up for Kindergarten? April is going to fly by! We are going on a week-long beach vacation mid-month for my 30th birthday and then when we get home it will be May and we only have a few weeks of “school” in May before summer camps begin and then straight path to Kindergarten! Yikes! I’ll do a whole post about our Preschool journey. It has been so special. I won’t go on and on about that here, because that is going to be a really long post.


So for April we are doing things a bit different with Morning Basket and school. We are still on our bug unit and the girls are both loving it! They play with their bug shelf daily and have learned so much already. We will keep that out for the month of April.

Morning Basket will remain the same in one way, we will start with Bible, fairytale and then poetry. That never changes because those are all things I want to give them each day and we have a routine over here now. April will be our 11th month of doing Morning Basket continuously – only taking days off from it for vacations or sick days. The girls wake up, head straight to the table to get ready for Morning Basket as I get my coffee and their breakfast. Then we sit down and dive in.

The only difference this month is that instead of what I usually add in to our basket after those main 3, I have added “preschool” to our Morning Basket. Once they sit down and I start reading the Bible, I will check the clock. Lilly Belle and I will stay at the table for one hour from that time. After that, no more school the rest of the day except any hands on things we do together or the Bug Shelf. I won’t have her doing any reading, writing or math for the remainder of the day. I think this will work really well for us! Once I am done reading the Bible, poetry and fairy tale, Lucy is usually done with breakfast and that is when she gets down from the table to play independently for the rest of the hour then. Our bug shelf is next to the kitchen table so that will work out well.

Each morning I will have Lilly Belle do The Good and The Beautiful after Bible, Poetry and Fairy Tale – but after that, she can choose whatever she would like from the basket.

April’s Morning Basket and Preschool Resources

BIBLE: This month we will continue reading from our My First Bible and Prayers. I don’t love it as much as I do the Jesus Storybook Bible, but the prayers at the end are so precious and there are even some poems in there. Some of the stories seem to be a bit too long for the girls (especially Lucy) but it’s still great for their age.

POETRY: For poetry we are going back to Where the Sidewalk Ends because Lilly Belle asks for it daily. She is now wanting to memorize poems from the book and it’s pretty cute to listen to her reciting them. Lucy is even starting to giggle at them now too.

FAIRY TALE: I got out our Usborne Fairy Tales for Bedtime this month. It is one of our family favorites and the girls both really love it. We haven’t read through it in quite a few months so Lilly Belle was really excited to see I added it this month.

The Good and The Beautiful Level K Primer: Lilly Belle is starting the month on Lesson 20 and there are 34 lessons in this curriculum. It takes her anywhere from 10-20 minutes to complete each of the lessons. We will always do this first until she has completed this book. We will not be starting on the Kindergarten curriculum until August. We will take a short break from it until then. I have a feeling that when she starts in August she will be assessing out of some of the Kindergarten lessons in the beginning of that curriculum.

Moffatt Girls Math Made Fun: Lilly Belle is on Unit 2 of this curriculum. We have been going slow and not doing it consistently as she isn’t technically in Kindergarten yet. Unit 2 is on numbers 11-20. She flew through the first unit which was numbers 1-10. She loves this math curriculum! She usually does 1-2 worksheets at a time. I do not have her doing the centers for Unit 2 because it is a lot of ink and she was flying through them so quickly. We will start up with Unit 3 in August and will be following Annie’s lesson plans and doing it the way it is meant to be done.

Kindergarten Toolkit: We are using the last few pages of the book for Uppercase, Lowercase and Numbers 1-20 recognition. I will call out a letter or number and she has to point to it or place a button on it. She loves doing this.

Dash Into Reading (Book 4): Lilly Belle loves the Dash books! I have talked about them often on here. She is so pumped to be starting on Book 4 this month. I have a feeling I will be printing out Book 5 this month as well as she has really taken off with reading.

Usborne Lift-the-Flap Shapes: I realized the other day that I have not done a great job of teaching Lilly Belle all of her shapes. We will go through this book together to review and learn the ones she doesn’t know.

Ready2Read: Lilly Belle has been loving this! She did Unit 1 in a week so I got all the units printed out and ready for her. The activities are fun and hands on and she has really enjoyed it. I think she will get through Level 1 pretty quickly though as she has already got CVC and most sight words down now. She has even started to be able to look at CVC words and read them without sounding them out sometimes!

Emergent Readers: We recently got these out for Lilly Belle and she loves reading them to us and to Lucy! She especially loves that on the front you check a box each time you read them.

My Picture Story Book: Lilly Belle has had this for almost a year now and loves it! I love it! She draws a picture on top and then tells me what to write under. I write every other line and then she copies my writing on the line under. We now have a whole book showing her sweet drawings and handwriting progress. I love it so much!

Usborne Wipe-Clean Books: I credit these for her wonderful handwriting. She really loves these and have helped her a ton with her writing. We are using Capital Letters, Common Words to Copy and Writing Numbers this month.

Bitty Beginnings Dolch Sight Word Pack: I have a sight word pack in our shop, but Lilly Belle is bored with it right now because she was doing it for a while. I got our Bitty Beginnings Sight Word pack out for this month and she’s going to love it! There are maybe 15-20 words she still needs to learn and I feel like she’s going to get them all this month. Lately everything with reading has just been really clicking…because she’s ready!

My First School Tracing Pages: These are from our My First School Toddler Curriculum. She loves tracing them in rainbow colors with thick Crayola markers.

Let’s Play School Handwriting Set: These have been a huge hit. She likes to grab her writing box and go sit down and write on her cards. They are pretty to look at and I’ve made her a little box for them with pretty colored dry erase markers.

Ikea Abacus: This is what she has been playing with a lot lately to count to 100. She just pushes each bead over as she counts. She likes to get all the way to 100 and can do it now with very little help from me, if any at all.

Melissa and Doug Shoe Tying Practice: She loves this thing! Like obsessed. I wasn’t going to add it in for this month but she saw me putting it away, grabbed it from me and put it back on the shelf. So…I guess we are doing this for another month 😉

Sewing Kit: I have a little bag in our basket filled with embroidery floss and a plastic sewing canvas and dull needle so that if she finishes her breakfast early, she can sew while I am reading at the beginning of our hour.

So that’s everything! Its a LOT! I am excited to see what she will choose each morning. It will make it fun for both of us 🙂


Preschool and Toddler Bug Unit Study

We are so excited about this unit! I have spent about 2 weeks putting this all together and to see it all come together today is so rewarding. Lilly Belle and Lucy are both so excited about all there is to learn about bugs. This is a new theme for us! We haven’t studied bugs yet, only caterpillars and butterflies when Lilly Belle was about 2.5/3. She is so into this right now and it was perfect for the start of spring!


I have pulled together so many resources. I’ve scoured YouTube videos, Pinterest, resources we have at home, store after store, Amazon, Netflix, and the library.

Our main resource will be The Good and The Beautiful Science Unit Study: Arthropods. You can click on the name there to go directly to the company website to find this incredible unit. It is meant for children levels Kindergarten through 6th grade. We are treading lightly with it this go around as it will be something we repeat over and over throughout the girl’s education.

You can watch my YouTube video to watch me share all of these incredible resources. I thought it would be easier to put all the links in one place for you here. These are Amazon Affiliate links. I do receive compensation as an Amazon credit. This helps our family to continue homeschooling and for me to be able to spend time putting videos, pictures and posts like this together for you. You are not charged anything additional when purchasing through these links 🙂

If you would like to follow along with us this spring and summer, here are our next few units: Bugs, Botany/Gardening, Birds, Florida’s Nature and lastly Pacific Northwest Nature. We are going to be taking our time with these units and I am going to allow the girls to learn with each until they tell me they’re done. When I sense them losing interest we will glide into the next unit.

We are going to be combining a few of our Let’s Play School and My First School Toddler Curriculum units into Spring and Summer as well! I am so excited to see the girls do all the activities that I have planned for them and for all of you. The units we will be using from the Let’s Play School Preschool Curriculum are: Miss Rumphius, Finding Wild, and Growing Vegetable Soup. The units we will be using from the My First School Toddler Curriculum are: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Mister Seahorse, Guess How Much I Love You, Brown Bear Brown Bear, Are You My Mother and Each Peach Pear Plum.

I went a bit overboard on all the learning resources I put together for the girls, but I love knowing that they have these educational toys and resources now for years and years. This won’t be the last time we learn about bugs. I love that with unit studies you can do them with all of your children and then each year your child can dive deeper and deeper into the topic.

Our Bug Unit Learning Resources:

Our Bug Unit Book Choices:

The rest of the books we have purchased from Usborne and found at our local library. Here is a link to my Usborne store. When purchasing, be sure to choose Chelsea’s Bug Party as your “hostess”.

Chelsea’s Usborne Books and More

Our Favorite Usborne Books and More Bug Books:

  • Pull-Back Busy Bug Book
  • 1,000 Things in Nature
  • Peek Inside Animal Homes
  • Peek Inside the Garden
  • Big Book of Big Bugs
  • First Sticker Book Bugs
  • Bugs
  • Bug Hotel
  • Bug in a Rug
  • Why Do We Need Bees?

To see all of this bug fun, I will be posting videos and photos on our Instagram! Thank you for reading. We hope you and your littles have so much fun learning all about BUGS!

Freebie Friday | Alphabet Sounds Chart

Happy Friday! I have been wanting to make one of these for the girls for a while now and I am really excited to share this with all of you today. We are going to start teaching Lucy her letters and letter sounds. I am doing a combination of teaching her both the sounds and letters simultaneously.

Alphabet Sounds Chart.png

Always start with all the short vowel sounds when teaching your little one their letter sounds. Also be sure to not make the “uh” sound after letters, such as T says “tuh”. Make sure to make the sounds short and quick and just as they are. Do not add anything to the end. That will make it really confusing when they learn to read if you do.

I hope this chart helps you and your littles with their beginning sounds which is one of the first steps in learning how to read!

We will be releasing a flashcard set in our shop this weekend that will have all of these picture letter combinations. I will be putting those on a binder ring for Lucy (16 months).

Enjoy! And hope you have a great weekend!

FREE DOWNLOAD HERE:  Alphabet Sounds Chart

March Morning Basket | Preschool & Toddler

I’m so excited about this month’s Morning Basket. Ok, I say that every month. It’s true though. I get so excited about changing the Morning Basket each month! Lilly Belle gets so excited the night before a new basket. Last night she acted as if this morning were a holiday – in a way it is. There are new books, new things to learn, and sometimes new toys or games. It’s so much fun!


She sat this morning and did every single thing in the basket! We did Morning Basket for over an hour today (that rarely happens).

As always, I added in things that start our day with goodness, learning and fun. We always start with Bible, Poetry and Fairytales. From there I like to add in a life skill and other academic things she is working on. This month Lilly Belle really wanted to learn how to tie and has really been asking to learn how to speak Spanish.

Here are all of our March Morning Basket resources!

My First Bible and Prayers : I found this last night (night before our first day with the new basket) at Target, and had to get it for the girls! This might be what I am most excited about. No…there are too many other things that are equally as amazing this month, I can’t choose. BUT, this Bible is amazing. The girls loved it this morning! The stories are a bit longer, but could easily be broken up and read multiple days. In the back of the book is an entire (large) section of prayers which are actually more like poems and they’re so beautiful! The illustrations are amazing. It’s perfect. I am going to have Lilly Belle learn to recite some of the prayers this month.

A Child’s Garden of Verses : This book is beautiful! We’ve only just read a few of the poems so far and I’m in love. We will use this book for years and years to come. I love this Golden Book version. I love when the illustrations are also beautiful.

Usborne Illustrated Stories from Aesop : We love the Usborne Illustrated Stories. All of these books are perfect for story time. We also love to read these to the girls while they are taking a bath at night. The stories are the perfect length in this book. Just long enough to keep the girl’s attention. They are stories I can read to the girls and know they are getting so much goodness put into their hearts. I love it!

Wooden Board (Numbers 11-20) : This Number Board has been so loved in our home. Lucy likes to play with it too. She can’t trace it correctly yet, but she likes to touch it. Lilly Belle loves to write and she got so excited when she saw I added this to Morning Basket this month. One side has the numbers 11-20 to trace with a wooden stick and one side has little cut out dots so that the child can place objects in each dot to count to each number. It’s a wonderful math resource for preschool and kindergarten!

Squilt Meet the Instruments Study : We did these a few months ago and Lilly Belle was all about it so I added it again this month. We are using these this month as something the girls can do at the end of Morning Basket when I go to shower and get ready for the day. They look at the flashcards and watch YouTube videos given to us that are all about the orchestra. The videos are so educational and it’s been really fun for them to learn about.

Phonemic Awareness Bundle (Syllable Cards) : This is a pre-reading skill that Lilly Belle is still working on. I show her a card and she claps the number of syllables and then has to tell me how many are in each word. We purchased the Moffatt Girl’s Phonemic Awareness bundle last summer and it has helped her so much with her reading. Lilly Belle has now completed the Rhyming Cards and the Beginning Sound Cards and so now we are continuing to focus on the Syllable Cards this month. Here is what the complete set includes: Beginning Sounds Pocket Chart Cards, Beginning Sounds (Cut and Paste), Middle Sounds (Cut and Paste), Ending Sounds (Cut and Paste), Time to Rhyme (Cut and Paste), Counting Syllables (Sort & Clip Cards), Segmenting and Blending Cards (Push and Blend), Rhyming Strips (Odd One Out). It has helped so so much! I highly recommend it! I am going to be doing a YouTube video on it today as well.

CVC Flashcards : Lilly Belle is now reading CVC words so I was so excited when Carrie from Kindergarten Toolkit sent us a pack of her new flashcards. These cards are coming to her shop very soon! This month I have Lilly Belle using 3 rainbow mini erasers and she places each eraser below a letter as she says the sound. Then she blends the sounds together to form the word and then says the word at regular speed. She had a lot of fun with this today.

Alphabet Flashcards : These are in our basket for Lucy! I am going to be teaching her the letter names and sounds. She isn’t talking much yet so for now I am just going to flip through while I sing the ABC’s and then flip through again while I say each letter sound. She felt like such a big girl today when I did this with her. She will be 16 months old tomorrow.

Spanish Flashcards : This is another resource in our Morning Basket that we are so excited about this month! Lilly Belle really wants to learn how to speak Spanish so this morning we started by counting to 10 in Spanish while I showed her each number flashcard. As I held up each number I would say the number in english and then in Spanish and then she would repeat me. She loved it! This is another item that is coming soon to the Kindergarten Toolkit shop!

Learn to Tie Wooden Shoe : I think this is what Lilly Belle was most excited for this morning! I found this on Amazon and grabbed it right away for our March Morning Basket. We started today by just teaching her the first 2 steps of crossing the laces and then pulling it through to tighten the first time. We will keep doing that step all week before moving on to the rest. This shoe is just around $8.00!

Go Fish! : Lilly Belle is super into playing games lately and I thought Go Fish would be the perfect addition this month because she still confuses 6 and 9. Matt played with us this morning and she was so happy! This particular set is adorable and I love the illustrations! I like to add a little game into our basket each month as something I can do with her when I know she is feeling done. This set also comes in a really nice drawstring bag. We also got her a playing cards holder and that helped her a ton!

That is our March Morning Basket! We have a busy month ahead so I packed our Morning Basket pretty full knowing that there are going to be many days this month where Morning Basket may be the only “school” we get to. Another reason I love Morning Basket so much! She learns a lot of information in a short amount of time and it starts our day off with so much goodness!