Count and Write to 100 Freebie

In celebration of my last week in my 20’s, all week we are having sales, offering new products and today we have a freebie! In our house right now we are really working on counting to 100 and now writing to 100. Lilly Belle has also become interested in skip counting.


Here are some 100’s charts you can print out for your home. There are so many fun ways you can use these. I am going to have ours in page protectors so that Lilly Belle can use a dry erase marker to trace and write the numbers. We will also use buttons or other manipulative to count to 100 together. I will play a game with her where I all out a number and she will have to find that number and cover it; sort of like Bingo.

Included in this free pack you will download 100 Chart, Count by 10’s, Count by 5’s, Count by 2’s, Trace to 100, and Write to 100!


I hope these help your littles! Enjoy!

Count and Write to 100


Freebie Friday | Alphabet Sounds Chart

Happy Friday! I have been wanting to make one of these for the girls for a while now and I am really excited to share this with all of you today. We are going to start teaching Lucy her letters and letter sounds. I am doing a combination of teaching her both the sounds and letters simultaneously.

Alphabet Sounds Chart.png

Always start with all the short vowel sounds when teaching your little one their letter sounds. Also be sure to not make the “uh” sound after letters, such as T says “tuh”. Make sure to make the sounds short and quick and just as they are. Do not add anything to the end. That will make it really confusing when they learn to read if you do.

I hope this chart helps you and your littles with their beginning sounds which is one of the first steps in learning how to read!

We will be releasing a flashcard set in our shop this weekend that will have all of these picture letter combinations. I will be putting those on a binder ring for Lucy (16 months).

Enjoy! And hope you have a great weekend!

FREE DOWNLOAD HERE:  Alphabet Sounds Chart

Freebie Friday | Mr. Rogers Trace & Color Pages

It starts with us. It starts at home. We are the change makers. You have a huge impact on this world. As a mom sometimes it doesn’t feel like we are making a difference, like we aren’t making an impact on the world around us, but that is not true. We are making all the difference. We have the power to fill the world with love. The more we love ourselves, the more we will love our family and more love our family feels from us, the more love they will give to those around them.

Choose love!


Mr. Rogers was the best. He taught us to love all of our neighbors and made us feel special. He reminded us that we are important! I found these Mr. Rogers quotes and couldn’t wait for Lilly Belle and Lucy to color and use them.

I’ve made 5 pages for you and your family to enjoy. Each page has a traceable Mr. Rogers quote and then some space on top for you and your littles to color together. My hope is that you and your littles can talk about each of the quotes and that you can spend quality time together sitting at the kitchen table coloring.


Mr. Rogers Quote & Color Printable



Freebie Friday | Super Bowl Math (Counting by 10’s)

With the Super Bowl this weekend, I thought it would be fun to have a little football printable for all of you! This game can be played a number of different ways. This morning with Lilly Belle Matt explained (in very simple words) how each team scores a touchdown by earning yards to move towards the end zone.


We flipped all the cards over and as she turned a card over, that is how many yards her football got to move on the field. We just had her start at one end of the field and move to the other end.

If your child is older, you can have them play it a bit more accurately 😉

Happy Super Bowl Weekend!

Freebie Friday Super Bowl Math

Freebie Friday | Learning Numbers 1-30

You guys! I am so excited about this – it’s our first Freebie Friday! Each week I will have a free printable for you to print out and use with your littles at home. These printables will all be things that we are working on with Lilly Belle or Lucy here at home. I will be sharing ideas on how to use them as well.


Our first Freebie Friday is a set of printables focusing on numbers 1-30. We are working with Lilly Belle on writing out her numbers and as she has now mastered writing numbers 1-10, we are going to work on numbers 11-30 next.

Included in the pack of printables is a set of blue/green colors and a set with shades of pink. You can choose which you would like to print out for your child, or you can print them all and mix it up a bit. Both color sets include: Numbers 1-30 Chart, Even Numbers to 30 Chart, Odd Numbers to 30 Chart and a Fill-in-the-Blank Chart.


We are using these with our Dry Erase Pocket Folder, Dry Erase Markers and also our set of numbers we just got from Little Light of Homeschool.

We hope you and your child enjoy using these together! Share your pictures with us by tagging LetsPlaySchool in your photos on Instagram.



Summer of Fun – What’s the Weather?

Growing up in Wisconsin and then living in Seattle and now Florida, I have experienced all kinds of crazy weather. I am excited to teach Lilly Belle about it all this coming week. We are going to be learning about all different kinds of storms, types of weather, the basics of how different types of weather happen, doing a lot of fun activities and reading a lot of books (of course)!

We are jumping in full blast this week for some What’s the Weather fun! In this post you will find FREE printables, great book ideas to coincide with this theme, and links to even more!

Summer of Fun - What's the Weather.png

What’s the Weather FREE Printables PDF Download

What’s the Weather Activity Guide PDF Download

I decided to make an actual schedule for this week to help our week go a bit smoother and to just stay more organized and on top of things. It is summer right now but Lilly Belle still asks to “do school” everyday so I am going to have it all prepped by Sunday night and organized so it is easily accessible each day.

What's the Weather Schedule.png

Check out these wonderful weather themed books to expand and teach your child more!

Here are all of the supplies you will need for this unit:

Happy Learning!

Summer of Fun – Down on the Farm

We are doing this week a bit differently. I have been crazy busy working on our shop and just having summer fun with the girls. I decided to tone it down a little this week and do more reading and sensory play for our school time together. I was also really excited to purchase two amazing learning sets for this farm week! I created a few fun printables for you as well.

I hope you all have a great week and that your little ones love learning about farm animals as much as mine do! Maybe it is because their mama is from Wisconsin 😉

Summer of Fun - Down on the Farm


For more preschool fun, visit Let’s Play School, Bitty Beginnings, and Busy Little Bugs on Etsy! We will be using printables from all three shops this week for some down on the farm fun.




Happy Learning!