Subscription Club will open again for new subscribers January 12-14, 2019! January’s theme is WINTER.


How do our subscriptions work?

Each month on the 12th we open for new subscriptions and release a brand new unit. Any of the past units will not be available, these are just available when we release and then twice a year (April and November).

Let’s Play School Subscription Club

Includes a new unit that comes with 10 preschool activities and 10 kindergarten/1st grade activities. These activities come as an email each month on the day you order and then on the 12th of each following month. This is a one year subscription with recurring payments each month on the 12th. You will receive access to our Google Drive so that you can download each PDF file to print at home. Our members also receive discounts from some of our favorite partner shops! Also included is a SIX page lesson plan for the week including everything from recommended books to field trip ideas and hands on activities to do at home!

(Photo Below Showing Example of September 2018 Activities)