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And the people stayed home..

I don’t have anything to write here tonight. There are far too many thoughts to process this all into one post right now. There are families hurting right now and all I know is that together we can fix this. Together by doing our part to stay home and stay together with those we love the very most, this will get better. Show your children how much you love them during this time. Give them extra hugs. Have dance parties. Read all the books. Sneak in as many hugs and sweet kisses with your spouse as you can. Just love each other and stay home.

I saw this floating around on Instagram today and knew I had to do something with it. Here is a copy work and tracing freebie for you all. Lilly Belle and I will be reciting this every morning together and I hope she will memorize it and that it will stay with her through all of this. I hope this brings joy to your homes, too.

You can do this, friends. We all can. And we all will. Love each other and do good things.

Click the link below here to download.

And the People Stayed Home – Lets Play School Copywork

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