Morning Basket

October Morning Basket – Toddler (23 months) and Kindergarten

Hooray! It’s my favorite month of the year…tied with December of course. Our October Morning Basket is once again my favorite one. We love Halloween and this basket is always so silly and fun for the girls. Anytime I can theme our baskets for holidays is so much more exciting.


We are keeping our usual first important 3: Bible, Fairy Tale and Poetry.

Bible: We are still reading the Jesus Storybook Bible because both of the girls love it. Last month was a rough month for Morning Basket because I’m pregnant and exhausted and we’ve had a lot of doctor appointments (I’ve had a lot of doctor appointments). Lilly Belle said to me in the car the other day, “Mom. I really miss the Bible. I miss you reading it to me every morning in our Morning Basket.” It made me realize what an impact our Morning Basket time really has on our girls and our routine and our lives. It’s huge!

Poetry: This month’s poetry is more cute nursery rhymes instead of poems. I found this adorable pack on Teachers Pay Teachers last year and I’m so glad that I printed it, laminated it and put it on a binder ring. It’s in just as good shape for this year and will stay in our October Morning Baskets for years to come, especially now that Baby Brother is on his way. Maybe next year Lilly Belle will be the one reading these fun songs to her siblings at the breakfast table!

Fairy Tale: We are not reading a fairy tale this month, we are instead reading a fiction chapter book. I chose Roald Dahl’s book, The Witches. It felt so funny to be reading this to the girls right after I read them the Bible. But, they loved it and I loved it and we love witches and all things Halloween so in it stays!



5 Little Pumpkins: In our Fall Preschool Pack in our shop we have a cute little 5 Little Pumpkins tracing set that also includes pumpkins to cut out and place on popsicle sticks. We sing the song to her and she holds the little pumpkin sticks up. It’s a huge hit!

If You’re Spooky and You Know It Board Book: Lucy loves this book and Lilly Belle loved it even more as a baby/toddler. The words are silly and the actions are so much fun. Perfect to keep Lucy’s attention. We like to do these little activities in between reading the Bible, Poetry and Fairy Tale. It keeps her at at the table a little longer. Today she lasted a whole 15 minutes with us 😉

Fine Motor: I got a little pencil cup and some neon colored rubber bands at the Dollar Tree. My goal was for her to be able to wrap the rubber bands around the cup but she can’t quite figure it out so we worked on color sorting and she just loves dumping them and shoving them all back into the cup as long as she can. This kept her busy while I was reading this morning.

Stickers and Blank Books: I have gathered a large assortment of Halloween stickers and put them all in the basket along with some blank books I got from the Dollar Spot at Target. She likes just peeling the stickers off and putting them on the pages in the book.

Movement Cards: We haven’t tried these with Lucy yet but Lilly Belle loves these so I though it would be fun to add again! The movement cards are from our Halloween Preschool Pack in our shop.


Halloween Reading Bingo: I have created this set for Lilly Belle specifically and added them to our shop because I was so excited about how they turned out. I based each set off of lessons she has worked on with The Good and The Beautiful Kindergarten LA curriculum. The set includes b and d bingo, “ay” words bingo, short words with long vowels bingo, and cvc words bingo. I feel like she learns things so quickly while playing bingo, and she loved this when we played this morning! I will continue making new sets each month that will always be holiday or seasonally themed: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Winter, Valentine’s Day, St Patricks Day, Spring, etc…

Zoom Cards: We got these last year and use them often! They’re in our Morning Basket almost every month. I have her use the mini erasers from the Target Dollar Spot to cover as she reads.

Find it Fast Game: I got this last year in the Target Dollar Spot and she loves playing this game as a brain break!

Frankenstien Subtraction: These little puzzles are going to reinforce the math facts we are working on this month as our math unit for the month is subtraction! We love everything from the shop From the Pond on Teachers Pay Teachers. Her artwork is beautiful and she’s so creative with her games and activities!

Subtraction Flip Cards: Lilly Belle used the mini erasers from Target again to solve the math facts. She will do one card/morning. We have done the addition flip cards and she was excited to see a new set in the basket today!

Witches Brew Sight Words: This game is from our Halloween Sight Words pack in our shop. Last night Lucy and I went around the house before bed and Lucy told me where to tape the sight words up and hide them. Then today when Lilly Belle was done with Morning Basket, she got to go around the house and find all the potions and read off the words and then add them to the witches cauldron. She LOVED this!

Bat Puzzle Sight Words: These are again from our Halloween Sight Words pack. We will alternate each day which sight word game she plays. These two were both easy to add as part of our Morning Basket routine and I think she will love these bat puzzles when I get them out tomorrow.

Spider Web Sight Words: Again, from our Halloween Sight Words pack! Lilly Belle learns things really well when she writes it down. This morning I just had her do one page, we will continue to do that each morning. She will copy a new page each morning and then start the cycle over. She already learned 2 new words from this activity today!

It’s a full basket this month and this morning the girls did almost every single thing in it! We now do Morning Basket on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. I think I may start doing it with the girls on Sunday mornings as well. It’s such a productive and fun way to start each day together.

I hope you’ve found something in this basket that your little ones will enjoy! Happy October!!


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  • Lauren Scotto
    October 9, 2018 at 6:24 pm

    I just started looking into morning baskets and I bumped into your blog! Love all the ideas!!

    Do you use a morning basket for the whole month or do you switch items out weekly?