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Count and Write to 100 Freebie

In celebration of my last week in my 20’s, all week we are having sales, offering new products and today we have a freebie! In our house right now we are really working on counting to 100 and now writing to 100. Lilly Belle has also become interested in skip counting.


Here are some 100’s charts you can print out for your home. There are so many fun ways you can use these. I am going to have ours in page protectors so that Lilly Belle can use a dry erase marker to trace and write the numbers. We will also use buttons or other manipulative to count to 100 together. I will play a game with her where I all out a number and she will have to find that number and cover it; sort of like Bingo.

Included in this free pack you will download 100 Chart, Count by 10’s, Count by 5’s, Count by 2’s, Trace to 100, and Write to 100!


I hope these help your littles! Enjoy!

Count and Write to 100

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