Book Club FAQ

What is Book Club?

Book Club is a subscription box you can order for your preschool-age children. It includes an Usborne or Kane Miller book, 6 printed activities (most are also laminated unless it is something your child colors or cuts), 10 additional project ideas with instructions and a supply list, a one-week calendar to make this a fun unit study with your child, and a list of related recommended books.

Basically, it is a unit study in a box! Everything you need for a successful and fun week of learning with your child.

How Do We Sign Up?

We take Book Club orders just ONCE a month. You sign up by purchasing your subscription through our Etsy shop. We only take 40 new subscription orders/month. Once those 40 boxes are gone, we are then closed for the month.

We have 4 subscription options: 1 Year, 6-Month, 3-Month and 1-Month

12th of the Month: Open for 1-Year Subscriptions

(if there are any of the 40 left)

13th of the Month: Open for 6-Month Subscriptions

(if there are any of the 40 left)

14th of the Month: Open for 3-Month Subscriptions

(if there are any of the 40 left)

15th of the Month: Open for 1-Month Subscriptions

(there are usually 0-2/3 boxes left for 1 month)

Book Club Subscription Prices

1-Year $245 | 6-Month $135 | 3-Month $85 | 1-Month $30

Book Club FAQ

  • Do you offer just the PDF versions of the activities?
    • Yes, but only twice a year. Once on my birthday (April) and then again on Black Friday. Other than those two dates, the activities will remain special to the customers who purchase our Book Club Subscriptions. 
  • What if I already own the book?
    • We are more than happy to switch it out for another Usborne book of equal value. You will still get all of the activities, you would just get another book in your box instead.
  • Do you know which books you will be using in the future?
    • No. I choose the book club box book and theme each month based on what we are learning at home so I have more to share with you, new books released by Usborne, or common themes or seasons I see fellow homeschool families learning about.
  • Do we ship outside the US?
    • Not at this time.



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