Let’s Play School Preschool Curriculum – The Book List

Our Let’s Play School Preschool Curriculum is perfect for ages 3-4. We are currently working on an extension for the curriculum that will also make it work for 5 and 6 year olds as well. This way you can take your time with the units, do them as a family with younger siblings, or repeat them a few times. I chose this books because they had themes that I know this age group enjoys. When choosing books I looked at their illustrations as well as the character building qualities. I hope you and your family enjoy the books we have chosen for this curriculum!

Here is the order of the curriculum now that we have a calendar that families can follow along with. This calendar includes complete lesson plans for you and your family to use during the entire 2-week unit. You can also choose to do the book units in your own order, just know that the milestone goals that we are including with each unit would need to be adjusted.

Below you will find the book list with affiliate links. By purchasing books through these links you are helping contribute to the growth of our small business. Thank you!

(*you are not charged anything extra by using these links, the price for the books remains the same)




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