January 2018 Morning Basket | Ages 4 & 1

I am so excited about the new year! We are starting Kindergarten with Lilly Belle this month and have so many exciting things that I am going to be starting with her. And Miss Lucy is now 14 months old and getting so curious and wanting to learn. We will be adding in a lot for her starting this month as well!


We are going to be learning all about the ocean this month with a trip scheduled to Savannah and a trip to the beach mid-month. I added in some of our ocean theme to our Morning Basket for this month. I also tried to keep this month’s basket pretty simple as we will have family in town and then our little mini-vacation. Lilly Belle was also getting a little overwhelmed with her over flowing Christmas basket…oops!




Poetry: Commotion in the Ocean

Fairytales / Nursery Rhymes: Mother Goose

Bible: 5-Minute Bible Devotions for Children

Sight Word Flashcards: Kindergarten Toolkit

Handwriting / Drawing: My Picture Story Book

Reading: ABC See, Hear, Do

Reading: Dash Into Reading Book 3

Color Words: Let’s Play School Learning Mats

Story: The Rainbow Fish

Number Flash Cards: Let’s Play School Flashcards

Basket Helpers: Song Sticks

I cannot wait to share all of the Ocean Unit goodness I have planned for this month! There are a lot of changes coming to this blog, our Instagram, our shop and just our lives with Lilly Belle starting Kindergarten. I am trying so hard to do all-the-things. I love sharing all of this with you! I have huge goals to start a YouTube channel and Podcast about homeschooling. Taking it one step at a time! Happy New Year, Everyone!

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