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October Morning Basket (Halloween Themed) | PreK

I have been excited about this Morning Basket all-month-long! Lilly Belle woke up this morning practically jumping up and down knowing that we were going to start with our new basket today – and it was TONS of fun! It has been an hour and 15 minutes and now her and Matt are still out there doing activities from it together šŸ™‚


I have it super themed this month of course. We love Halloween in this house, so I went all out! I found things on Amazon, at Ollie’s, Teachers Pay Teachers and of course…Target.

October Morning Basket Contents:

  • Room on the Broom Activity Book
    • This is adorable and perfect for a 4-6 year old. There are some activities in the book that Lilly Belle will need some help with, but she did like 4 pages independently this morning as I was getting this post ready and feeding Lucy. Room on the Broom is one of our favorites so she was super excited to finally use it!
  • Halloween Poems and Songs
    • I printed these all out, laminated them back to back and then used a binder ring to keep them together. The girls LOVED these this morning! We will be singing these a LOT together throughout the month. Well worth the $3.50. It also comes with little clipart to print out and glue onto popsicle sticks as puppets (that’s my next project…)
  • Disney Spooky Stories
    • Each month I have fairytale books in our basket, so this is what we are reading for Fairytale Time this month. This morning we read an adorable Toy Story story and the girls loved it. So did Matt and I!
  • Haunted House Blank Book & Halloween Stickers
    • I purchased a pack of 6 blank books that are shaped like Haunted Houses from the Target Dollar Spot. I also got a pack of 200 stickers. We are making a 100 Book. She is putting 10 stickers in the book at a time and then we count them. We will keep going until we reach 100 and then we will practice counting to 100 with the stickers each morning. She loved this. I’m so excited – she’s loving it all!
  • Bitty Beginnings Name Practice
    • This new name tracing activity from Bitty Beginnings is great. It comes with 3 traceable pages: First Name, First & Last Name, First/Middle/Last Name. Lilly Belle was not loving the fact that I had it say “Lillian” instead of Lilly Belle, but we want her to at least know how to spell both so for these I got her full name of Lillian Belle. They were perfect for tracing!
  • Numbers to 20 – Addition Quick Flip Book
    • Lilly Belle LOVES math. Anything with numbers makes her super excited. Put letters and reading down in front of her and she kind of acts up a little. Give her some numbers, and girlfriend is confident and excited. She does NOT get that from me – that is all her daddy! It makes me so happy that she loves it and is good at it. For this activity we used small little colored spider erasers and she did the math facts with them and then counted to solve and wrote with a dry erase marker. I printed these out on cardstock, laminated them back to back and put them on a binder ring.
  • Our Address (Not Shown – Obviously) šŸ˜‰
    • I wrote our address very neatly with a black sharpie on cardstock. I laminated it and each morning we will recite it and talk about it until she has it memorized. We just started this morning and she already almost has it down šŸ˜‰
  • Lowercase Alphabet Bingo
    • For our bingo game this month I switched it from Numbers 1-20 to Lowercase Letters. We are using our Let’s Play School Bingo Set and this is a favorite every morning. Usually Matt plays with her and she gets really excited that Daddy joins us for school! Our bingo markers this month are little black cat mini erasers that I found at the Target Dollar Spot. She calls them Zachary Binx – because she’s the coolest kid ever!
  • Sight Word Flashcards
    • I have included our Kindergarten Toolkit Sight Word Flashcards this month. I put 5 in right now and will keep adding more as she learns them. Each time she has them all mastered I will add one more. We will continue doing it that way until she knows them all.
  • Halloween Ten Frame Activity Cards
    • These are adorable. I added a lot of math this month because she is loving it so much and…why not! I decided to print out the Frankenstein ones this time and we used the spider mini erasers from the Target Dollar Spot. I told her that Frankenstein likes to eat spiders and have them in his teeth. She would look at the number and then add that number of spiders. I printed these on cardstock and laminated them back to back again and then used the binder ring..again šŸ˜‰
  • Jesus Storybook Bible
    • Feels funny to have all this Halloween stuff and then…the Bible lol. She was really enjoying it all month and we are more than halfway through with the stories so I decided to keep going this month. I hear her talking about the stories in her day to day play and asks questions randomly. So it’s good. She is comprehending the stories and starting to get curious, which is what we wanted.

I have like 1,000 more activities that I wanted to ad to this basket, but I had to tone it down. So, what we are doing instead with all the other amazing Halloween activities I have found, is I am putting them in a basket and we will grab from them throughout the day to do during read aloud audio book time šŸ™‚ I will get a post together on those, too!

Happy Halloween…I mean, October!

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