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Summer of Fun – What’s the Weather?

Growing up in Wisconsin and then living in Seattle and now Florida, I have experienced all kinds of crazy weather. I am excited to teach Lilly Belle about it all this coming week. We are going to be learning about all different kinds of storms, types of weather, the basics of how different types of weather happen, doing a lot of fun activities and reading a lot of books (of course)!

We are jumping in full blast this week for some What’s the Weather fun! In this post you will find FREE printables, great book ideas to coincide with this theme, and links to even more!

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What’s the Weather FREE Printables PDF Download

What’s the Weather Activity Guide PDF Download

I decided to make an actual schedule for this week to help our week go a bit smoother and to just stay more organized and on top of things. It is summer right now but Lilly Belle still asks to “do school” everyday so I am going to have it all prepped by Sunday night and organized so it is easily accessible each day.

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Check out these wonderful weather themed books to expand and teach your child more!

Here are all of the supplies you will need for this unit:

Happy Learning!

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