Let’s Play School Subscription & Book Club

Thank you so much to all of our Let’s Play School Subscribers and Book Club Members! We hope your children are loving all of the activities each and every month!

OPEN NOW through February 14th at midnight! 

Click the links here to join the fun!

Let’s Play School Subscription

Let’s Play School Book Club – One Year Membership (Best Value!)

Let’s Play School Book Club – 6 Month Membership

Let’s Play School Book Club – 3 Month Membership

Each month on the 12th through midnight on the 14th we open for new Subscribers and Book Club Members and release a brand new unit. Any of the past units will not be available, these themes are just available when we release and then once a year as a flash sale in November.

Let’s Play School Subscription Information

Includes Monthly: We release a new theme each month with 10 Preschool Printable Activities, 10 Early Elementary Printable Activities, 20 “In My World” Play Cards (hands-on learning ideas), HUGE discount on Usborne Books & More, Week-Long Lesson Plans for each age group, and a Recommended Book List for each theme!

All of this for just $12.00/month! Payments come out automatically each month.

All of our Let’s Play School Subscription activities are sent as PDF files in a Google Drive that you will have access to forever.

Let’s Play School Book Club Information

Includes Monthly: We release a new theme each month that is the same as our Let’s Play School Subscription. You receive 1 brand new book, 6 printed preschool activities (with some laminated as well), an Instruction Card for all of the activities, and a Family Book Club Card with ideas for board games, related books and recipes to try that match that month’s theme!

We offer 3 different Book Club Membership options:

One-Year Membership – $25.00/Month

6-Month Membership – $28.00/Month

3-Month Membership – $30.00/Month

(Each month is just $5.00 for shipping.)

Payments come out each month automatically on the same day you signed up the first time. If you sign up on the 12th, your payment will always come out on the 12th. Then your Book Club is shipped out the following 1st of the month.

Example: You sign up on February 12th. Your first Book Club box will be shipped on March 1st and then on the 1st of each following month.

*We do not offer cancellations on our Let’s Play School Subscription or Book Club Memberships. We have opted to make this a monthly payment option instead of an upfront payment for the year to make it accessible to more families. If needed, families may pause their Let’s Play School Subscription or Book Club for one month during the year, but we do not offer cancellations.

Photos below are examples of some past activities