• Morning Basket

    March 2019 Morning Basket

    We are now in the big waiting game phase with our baby! I’m 36 weeks now. I have a feeling our little guy will be closer to on time, but mentally…

  • Morning Basket

    January 2019 Morning Basket

    Hooray, it’s a baby year in our house! Just about 3 more months (or less) until we meet our sweet boy. 2013, 2016 and now 2019 are all our family baby…

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    Our Christmastime Learning 2018

    This is the best thing that has ever happened to our homeschool…ever. It is now 11:55am and Lucy is napping, but Lilly Belle is still doing school. She has been working…

  • Morning Basket

    Christmas Morning Basket 2018

    I say this every month, but every month it is true…I’m so excited about this Morning Basket! We are going to be doing school a lot more relaxed through the end…

  • Morning Basket

    November Morning Basket 2018

    I am excited to post this for you before it’s actually November so that you can add any of these things if you’d like for your own Morning Basket. Putting our…