30 Before 30 Bucket List!


30 before 30.png

Here it is! My 30 Before 30 list!!

  1. Go with Matt on one date each month
  2. Complete, publish and sell my preschool curriculum
  3. Do one at home date with Matt every week
  4. Run a half marathon
  5. Run a full marathon – even better if it is with Matt
  6. Try one new food every month
  7. Begin our Disney YouTube channel with friends
  8. Feel 100% with our goal of living a minimalist lifestyle
  9. Visit 3 national parks
  10. Write and send 30 handwritten letters to friends and family
  11. Master the art of calligraphy and lettering
  12. Plant a garden on our patio
  13. Crochet and finish a full blanket for each of our girls
  14. Write a children’s book
  15. Write in each of the girl’s journals 30 times
  16. Watch 30 classic movies that I’ve never seen before
  17. Climb Mt. Si
  18. Go back to school
  19. Find 30 new nature trails and/or parks
  20. Beat Matt in Monopoly
  21. Write 100 blog posts
  22. Pay off my car
  23. See whales in the wild
  24. Read the entire Bible
  25. Have family pictures taken
  26. Volunteer 4 times
  27. Ride Tower of Terror…without crying or having a panic attack (no joke)
  28. Go to California to visit San Francisco, drive the coast and see the Redwoods
  29. Learn how to play the piano enough to play and sing Disney songs for the girls
  30. Read 30 books

I am so excited for this year and all that I have planned to make it amazing! There are so many things that I have been wanting to do and I feel like this is the year to make so many of them happen. There are a lot of things we are working on in our family and I tried to get as many of those into these 30 as I could. Obviously the most important one is that I beat Matt in Monopoly.

I have started an Instagram account just for all of this – follow me at chelseakay30by30. I am going to post pictures every time I accomplish something from the list and I’ll add the process of completing them to the stories part. It will be so much fun! I am obsessed with goals and checklists so this is just making me so happy!

I better start getting a move on some of these. This is going to be such a fun year!

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  • Maria Cristina maggi
    August 20, 2017 at 2:43 pm

    I love your 30 bucket list!! I will turn 30 soon and I might even copy some of your items ???!! Simple, memorable … yet hard sometimes to get done with kids and life ???